Who is an Affiliate? How to Become an Affiliate Marketer 

Are you looking for a passive income stream? You can have a popular and highly lucrative choice of earning through affiliate marketing

Statistically, it shows that in 2023, affiliate marketing is a $17 billion industry and this continues to grow every day. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the powerful ways to monetize networks across websites, podcasts, blogs, social media, or newsletters. Considering how the economy is these days, people are looking for trusted sources and personal experiences from influencers before making a purchase and these referrals can up traffic of orders to your link every month.

In this article, you will have in-depth knowledge of affiliate marketing and how you can become an affiliate marketer. 

Who is an Affiliate?

An affiliate can be a company or an individual within an affiliate program. These affiliates often own multiple websites or possess extensive email marketing lists, enabling them to expand their online presence. 

Once recruited, affiliates actively promote and communicate the products of e-commerce platforms to their broad networks.

Affiliates employ various strategies, such as banner ads, text ads, website links, and emails, to promote products. These promotional materials, often in the form of articles, videos, and images, aim to capture audience interest in the services or products offered by e-commerce platforms.

Also, the visitors who click the ads or links are straightly redirected to the eCommerce site where they will purchase the products or services. The eCommerce platforms now credit the affiliate’s account based on the agreement commission which could be 5% or 10% of each sales price. 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing involves companies paying affiliates to drive traffic or leads to their products. Affiliates earn a commission for their efforts, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Through analytics and cookies, companies can track the effectiveness of affiliate marketing, ensuring that links generate traffic and result in product purchases. Affiliate marketing is the one that predates the internet but in digital marketing, the analytics and cookies made it a billion-dollar industry. 

A company running affiliate marketing can always track the links that bring in traffic to their site through internal analytics and see how many people were able to purchase their products.

Key Points in Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing is like teamwork in businesses. The companies reward partners who bring in customers through their marketing efforts
  • It’s like using smart online tools to help businesses grow and make a lot of money together
  • Companies compensate affiliates based on actual sales, and for each click or impression but sales are the main focus.

So while having the key points in affiliate, you must know the types of marketing attached to it.

Related Affiliate Marketing

These are the affiliates that promote products or services linked to their niche. They leverage their expertise and influencers to attract traffic by establishing trust as a reliable source. Also, this is a partnership built on relevance, expertise, and trust by refraining from making specific claims about the products or services.

Involved Affiliate Marketing

The company builds a strong link between the affiliate and the product, relying on personal experiences as endorsements. Affiliates share their positive encounters and establish trust but risk their reputation if issues arise. It is a strategy based on personal credibility and firsthand knowledge.

Unattached Affiliate Marketing

This is an advertising approach where the affiliate lacks personal connection, skills, or expertise related to promoting their product or services. They don’t position themselves as authorities or make usage claims. It’s the least involved form of affiliate marketing.

Now, knowing the types of affiliate marketing is like a source of building your business and which one you are into. Take a step on how to become an affiliate marketer in the next paragraph.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer in 7 Steps

As an affiliate marketer, numerous programs are available and they vary in quality. Some of these companies offer low commissions or have questionable reputations while others provide mutually beneficial and authentic partnerships, benefiting both you and your target audience. 

When choosing, ensure it’s from a successful and reputable affiliate marketing experience.

With so many companies dealing with affiliate marketers, you need to know the best options for your business and how to build your affiliate business.

1. Find your Niche

To succeed as an affiliate marketer you need to find a niche aligned with your passion and expertise. By doing so, you will be an authentic and trusted information source for potential customers. 

For instance, if your passion lies in dogs you have to create content around dog care on a blog. Recognizing your niche and strategies in building your affiliate site can bring your efforts to success.

2. Make a Wise Choice on an Affiliate Program

When selecting an affiliate program, have an alignment with your audience and expertise. Ensure the product goes with your target audience’s needs and fits the platform you are using for promotion and tailoring your choices to your brand and income goals which will enhance the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing strategy.

3. Choose a Traffic Source

When choosing a traffic source as an affiliate marketer you have to consider your target audience and the nature of the products you’re promoting. Also, you have to understand where your audience is most active and tailor your strategy accordingly. 

Furthermore, visually oriented platforms and products like Instagram might be effective and content on blogs may thrive on YouTube. Analyze the competition and choose a traffic source that aligns with your niche, ensuring your efforts reach the right audience for higher conversion rates.

4. Have Content to Build Trust 

To build trust in affiliate marketing, you have to be open and candid about your experiences with the product and create an authentic connection with your audience. Make sure your recommendations align with your usage and expertise and limit the number of affiliates you promote for enhanced credibility. 

Also, you have to recognize that trust varies based on industry and product price, emphasizing the importance of sincerity in promoting higher-value items. Invest in content marketing and SEO to grow your audience by focusing on untapped areas with less competition to increase visibility and achieve better results.

5. Target Your Audience

Identify your target audience by understanding their interests, needs, and online behavior. Create content that speaks directly to their challenges and aspirations, showcasing how the promoted products address their specific concerns. 

Find your data analytics and metrics engagement to refine your approach and ensure your affiliate marketing efforts resonate effectively with your target audience.

6. Build an Email List

eCommerce email marketing is another way to go. Offering valuable incentives, such as exclusive content or discounts, and encouraging your visitors to subscribe to your email list. Implement user-friendly opt-in forms on your website and use them as a call to action to maximize sign-ups.

Also, use your email list as an opportunity to show value to your subscribers. If they send you an email back, then respond quickly and be consistent with your newsletter rhythm and quality. 

Furthermore, once in a while try to promote an affiliate product or two to your subscribers. There is no hard rule on how many times to send promotional emails but make sure you don’t send them every time you have a promo so that you won’t lose the trustworthiness they have in you.

7. Find your products 

Investigate reputable affiliate platforms and conduct your market research to identify trending products in your niche. Also, consider reaching out directly to companies that align with your audience. 

Ensure the products resonate with your target audience’s needs and their choices for enhancing the likelihood of successful affiliate marketing partnerships.

4 Examples of Affiliate Marketing Programs

An affiliate marketing program is a cooperative arrangement where a business compensates an influencer for business growth or an individual with a self-branded online presence and for generating referrals or sales. 

Affiliate programs offer a performance-based model that will enable the influencers to earn unrestricted revenue while minimizing risk for businesses by mutually benefiting from every sale.

Additionally, affiliate marketing programs are not created equal but if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, start with finding programs through networks like Shopify Collabs or ShareASale

You can make your affiliate income by partnering with several brands that fit with your content and personal brand. These affiliate networks make it easier to expand your online business with more income.

These are examples of affiliate programs:

1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon affiliate marketing program and Amazon Associates is one of the world’s largest affiliate marketing programs. Those creating content, publishing, and blogging have to sign up to be enabled to have Amazon products and services shared on their site and receive compensation for each sale they generate.

2. Shopify Affiliate Marketing

This is a network of educators, entrepreneurs, influencers, and creators who send referrals to the website. You can sign up for free for affiliate programs on Shopify. Once approved, the affiliate partners give you your unique affiliate link to share with your audience and you earn affiliate income each time people sign through the link. 

3. Etsy Affiliate Marketing

Etsy is a global online marketplace for vintage products. They promote their products through various channels including affiliate marketing partners. To apply for this platform, affiliates must submit an application through their portal, but to qualify as a partner, you have to have an active and unique website with a brand identity that meets their criteria. 

4. eBay Affiliate Marketing

eBay affiliate marketing programs pay partners to share their listings outside the eBay incorporated. The affiliate earns a commission based on traffic directed to their website and earns credit towards their final merchant fees.


With these insights and strategies, you’re well-equipped to begin your affiliate marketing journey and unlock the potential for sustainable income and growth. Affiliate marketing is, no doubt, very lucrative and you can make a lot of money from it.

However, it is important to be strategic and provide value for your audience. Once all these steps are in place, your affiliate business is on its way to becoming a huge success.


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