The Top 10 E-commerce Analytical Tools For 2024

E-commerce analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data from an online store to make data-driven decisions and increase online sales.

It tracks metrics like customer behavior, and sales, and provides insights to optimize marketing strategies, improve customer experience, website performance, and increase overall profitability.

Some common metrics that eCommerce businesses might track include website traffic, conversion rates, average order value, customer lifetime value, and customer acquisition costs. 

What are eCommerce analytical tools?

E-commerce analytics tools are tools or softwares that help to track, interpret, and analyze customer behavior, website performance, sales data, and marketing efforts.

Why Is it Important To Analyze E-commerce Data?

  1. It improves the overall user experience.
  2. With eCommerce analytics, you can segment your audience better and send them more personalized offers. 
  3. It will boost your conversion rate and give direction on where sales are coming from and their average order value.
  4. With tools like Google Analytics, you can study your customer’s behavior and track important statistics.

List of eCommerce Analytical Tools

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Woopra
  3. Clicky
  4. Mixpanel
  5. Hotjar
  6. Kissmetrics
  7. Glassbox
  8. Adobe Marketing Cloud
  9. Glew
  10. Supermetrics

Most of this article’s features, Pros, and Cons are Trust Radius and Get App reviews.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Is an analytics tool that can be used to track and analyze actions on a website, such as the number of visitors, the number of page views, and the site’s bounce rate. 

Google Analytics tool is by far the most popular eCommerce analytics tool. If you’re new to the world of e-commerce analytics, the free tool Google Analytics can be a great place to start. Best for advertising and marketing professionals and eCommerce business owners who are using Google Analytics already, and who want to analyze their website traffic and receive some additional eCommerce insights.

Google Analytics is used to track eCommerce metrics such as session duration, pages per session, and the bounce rate of individuals using the site, along with the information on the source of the traffic. 

Features Of Google Analytics

  • Traffic Reporting
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Event tracking 
  • Audience information
  • Integrations


  • Provides access to team members or a third-party
  • It can be integrated with other Google tools
  • It is free to use
  • You can view your past data history
  • Visitor segmentations in the dashboard


  • Using Google Analytics as a first-timer can be confusing, especially when you have to set up multiple dashboards. 
  • A lot of users find it time-consuming and challenging




Woopra is an eCommerce analytics tool that changes the way businesses think about, analyze, interact with, and keep their customers. The platform is built to help companies improve and grow through a customer’s lifecycle. 

Woopra is integrated with 50+ platforms like Slack, Google Ads, Facebook, HubSpot, Google Drive, Dropbox, Mailchimp, Azure, and It is designed for analyzing and optimizing the total customer experience.

Features Of Woopra

  • CRM Integration
  • Site search tracking
  • Keyword tracking
  • Campaign management
  • Multiple site management


  • Allows you to track the user anonymously at first.
  • Product Analytics
  • Trending graphs and use cases


Difficult setup and visualization for custom reports and dashboards

Paid plan starts from $349/month


The clicky analytic tool is used by several websites all over the world for monitoring, analyzing, and reacting to their traffic in ‘real-time’.

It is also suitable for all types of businesses that need multiple site monitoring and have specific goals.

Features Of Clicky

  • Heatmaps
  • Uptime monitoring to check your site’s status using multiple servers, in case your site goes down.
  • Video and Twitter analytics
  • Mobile Apps features 
  • Customized email reports 

Pricing ranges from FREE to a monthly subscription of –

  • $9.99 (Pro)
  • $14.99 (Pro-Plus)
  • $19.99 (Pro-Platinum)


  • Has mobile app features for Android, iOS, Windows
  • On-site analytics shows the number of visitors currently on your site
  • On-site Heatmap for identifying spots with a high volume of traffic
  • No identifiable backtracking code


  • Occasional speed issues
  • Export file limitations


Mixpanel is a user experience optimization tool that helps you understand user behavior on your eCommerce store. It lets organizations better understand their consumers by using conversion funnels and retention cohorts to analyze their behavior.

Mixpanel’s free version allows tracking 100k monthly users with unlimited historical data, reports, and monitoring & alerts. 

Features of Mixpanel

  • Feedback
  • Surveys
  • Recordings
  • Heatmap
  • User interviews
  • Integrations
  • Dashboards
  • Highlights
  • Funnels Trends


  • There are a lot of filtering capabilities within session recordings, which allows you to be able to find users who meet your needs.
  • Their support team always seems to be available to provide any assistance and support.
  • It is easy to use


  • It can’t automatically set up heatmaps on all of the pages.
  • You can’t do numerous session recordings on different areas of the site at once.

The growth plan starts at $25/month


Kissmetrics is a customer-engaged analytical platform that helps businesses understand their customers and provide insights with metrics such as site searches, email campaign automation, average revenue per person, and visit-to-purchase conversion rate. 

  • Kissmetrics helps you know which marketing campaign is bringing the most leads and which campaign is not so that you run the right one.
  • It allows you to create popups and notifications that aid in decreasing the bouncing rate. 


  • Funnel
  • Dashboard
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • User interaction tracking
  • Alert notification
  • Conversion tracking
  • User identification
  • Customer profiles


  • It is easy to install. 
  • It has excellent viewing and configuration options and can provide me with a lot of security and consistent tool management according to my needs.
  • This tool provides a lot of information and data; I can use this information and data to better control what I want to play in the analyst role.
  • It can track sessions from desktop and mobile.


  • The speed of tool updates has slowed down a lot lately.
  • There is no free trial so you won’t know if it’s the right tool for you without doing a demo first. 


Silver is $299 per month, 

Gold: At $499 per month, 


Hotjar is a popular heat map analytics tool, that provides visual behavior insights, in-the-moment user feedback, and one-to-one interviews—all in one place.

Hotjar connects the dots between what your users do and why, so you can confidently create and optimize user experiences that convert.


  • Heatmaps
  • Recordings
  • Surveys
  • Feedback
  • User interviews
  • Funnels 
  • Integration
  • Trends
  • Highlights
  • Dashboards


  • There are a lot of filtering capabilities within session recordings, which allows you to be able to find videos/users who meet your needs.
  • It is an easy product to use in terms of navigation/UI.
  • The support team always seems on hand to provide any assistance and support.


There should be capabilities to do numerous session recordings on different areas of the site at once.


Basic is free while Plus costs $39 per month

Business costs $99 per month

Advanced costs $199 per month


Heap is a powerful analytics tool that allows you to track and analyze your website data for free.

Heap offers a comprehensive suite of analytics tools and features that help product teams make data-driven decisions.

It allows customer success teams, marketers, and product managers to track user interactions with the product across all touchpoints in the user journeys.


  • Easy-to-use automated insights
  • Auto captures every click, pageview, form fill, session replay, and journey in your website or product
  • Multiple site management
  • Visualization


  • Robust automated analysis of customer behavior and interests helps make the necessary changes.
  • Heap has a fast and powerful data collection and processing system that takes into account every specific detail related to the web.
  • It also generates reports after data analysis that help my team to know the possible changes that we must make.


  • It’s a little difficult to navigate and there are a ton of fields everywhere, but you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for.
  • It can be difficult to set up the event correctly depending on how the code was written.
  • High data storage costs – you have to store all the data you collect, whether you need it or not.


Free and paid plan, starting from $3600 annually.


Glassbox is an analytics tool that captures every customer session on websites and mobile apps.

Glassbox captures and analyzes 100% of interactions and technical events across your digital channels, giving marketing and e-commerce teams a total understanding of what inspires your customers to convert—or prevents it.


  • Configurable alerts
  • Campaign analytics
  • Reporting
  • Engagement tracking
  • Reporting
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Metrics
  • Customer segmentation
  • integrations


  • User interface
  • User-friendly
  • Good support
  • Always updating features


  • When using the Glassbox reports there have been some issues with missing sessions. So we could see the data in our reports but were unable to link to the sessions.
  • Dark mode

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a suite of products including analytics, social, advertising, targeting, and web experience management.

It is primarily used by large enterprises with complex attribution requirements.


  • Salesforce integration
  • Lead segmentation
  • Web activity tracking
  • SMS marketing
  • Personalize web content
  • Split testing
  • Predictive analytics


  • Great set of features.
  • The user interface of the workspace is amicable and quick.
  • Integrations with 3rd parties are solid.
  • Adobe Analytics


  • Expensive
  • Very limited tech support
  • hard to set up
  • some features are restricted behind a paywall.


Free $24.00 per month Paid plan


Glew is a tool that’s better for larger eCommerce stores that have 10-25 different marketing channels.

With Glew, you can track sales performance from multiple platforms, and schedule and automate reports for better communication across teams – like a daily snapshot, a high-level performance review, and a detailed advertising report.


  • Data Visualization
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Data Import/Export
  • Visual Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • API
  • Search/Filter
  • Reporting & Statistics


Very visually impressive analytics look great in the sales pitch


The tool is a bit complex


Starts at $79/month, billed annually. 


Supermetrics pulls data from different sources into destinations such as Google Analytics, Facebook, PPC, and SEO tools, and loads it into destinations

It integrates your data from 150+ platforms and makes it analysis-ready in your go-to reporting and analytics tools. Typical customers are Freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises.


  • ROI tracking
  • Data collection
  • Campaign tracking 
  • Performance and reliability
  • Multichannel tracking
  • Reporting and Statistics
  • Reporting/Analytics


  • You can set up your data to refresh automatically and schedule emails to continually send your reports.
  • 80% less expensive to maintain. 
  • It is user-friendly, with multiple connectors and other features like scheduling, saving queries, etc.
  •  Supermetrics provides powerful process automation, especially when it comes to merging data from multiple sources.


  • This tool does not store data so if you’re tracking trends you’ll need to keep track of this information elsewhere.
  • It’s difficult to find out how to get started with building data sheets
  • In order to get the most out of the tools Supermetrics provides, you must put in the time and effort required to master them.
  • Expensive to use.


  • Free plan
  • Free trial
  • subscription

Let’s Wrap It Up

It is important to note that choosing the right eCommerce analytical software depends on your business needs and goals, this is because most eCommerce analytical tools are designed for some specific purposes while others have similar features. 

Therefore, using eCommerce analytical tools for your business will further enhance user experience, drive sustainable growth, and optimize marketing strategies.

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