PLR Digital Products and Their Best Websites

PLR means Private Label Rights. It is a license or right that permits someone to publish or repurpose content as their own. PLR sellers permit you to copy their work, modify it, or rebrand their work before publishing and selling it as your own. 

If you are seeking ways to make money online and generate passive income, selling profitable digital products is a sure bet. 

You may be wondering about the type of digital products to sell.  You can obtain a PLR license for various kinds of PLR digital products like articles, eBooks, and courses, they will fetch you money while sleeping. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about PLR Digital products. How to sell them (See our comprehensive guide on how to sell digital products) websites to get them, and the importance of PLR digital products. 

What are PLR Digital Products?

PLR digital products are digital content that comes with a Private Label Rights License.  With a PLR digital product, you have the right to modify, edit, and rebrand the content as yours without the need to credit the original owner of the product. 

In other words, you can do anything you want with a PLR digital product, including the option to repurpose them into alternative formats like videos and audio. You can sell PLR digital products and your customers also have the right to resell them and use them for other purposes.

Apart from PLR digital products we have the Master Resell Right (MRR), which permits you to resell the content but does not allow you or your buyer to modify it in any form. 

The third one is Reseller Rights (RR), where you can resell to other buyers, but your buyer doesn’t have permission to sell it further. You are not allowed to change or modify the product from its original form. 

Best PLR Digital Products To Resell

eBooks are one of the most common and useful types of PLR digital products. It is always used as a high-valued offer for customers to subscribe to mailing lists

Video Courses are created as an entire course that you can recreate and consume.  They serve as a shortcut for creating engaging content, a source of inspiration, and education. 

Graphics and Templates 

Examples of PLR graphics and templates are calendars, posters, and website templates.  They help creators to save the time and effort of starting from scratch.

Articles are ideal for blog posts or email series. 

Software is tools or programs that are rebranded and used for other purposes. 

Audios like podcasts or spoken content can be repurposed.  

How To Sell PLR Digital Products On Social Media

  1. If you have a big email list of people who follow you and like your content. You could sell PLR digital products as your own through your email list. For instance, you can give away an eBook as a free lead magnet to attract people. They provide their email to get it, then you send them emails every week and then promote the PLR digital products you want to sell. 
  2. Repurpose your PRL digital product. For instance, you can repurpose your article or blog posts into a video, eBook, or audio format. 
  3. Resell them on your website through WooCommerce, Shopify, Sellfy, and other eCommerce platforms. 
  4. Resell them on marketplaces like Amazon, Scribd, Lulu, and other digital product platforms that have traffic and where more people can buy your book. 
  5. Use PLR products as a source of inspiration for your content on your social media, blog posts, newsletters, online courses, and videos. 
  6. Create a membership website, take PLR digital products like video courses, upload them on your website, and sell them. 
  7. Another great method of selling your PLR digital products is by translating them into other languages. With this, you’ll build a global audience
  8. Set up an affiliate program for your PLR digital products and have others promote it.

PLR Websites For Digital Products

There are so many online platforms where you can sell your PLR digital products. sells top-quality re-brandable PLR content for life coaches and health professionals. has over 18,225 ready-to-use resources. It allows users to download PLR courses, presentations, reports, eBooks, products, and coaching programs from scratch. 

    PLR eBook Supplier

    PLR eBook supplier is a product store where you can shop for all your content marketing needs ranging from carefully curated PLR courses, blogs, eBooks, templates, digital planners, Canva templates, Chatgpt prompts, and more. 

    Big product store

    Big product store is a big product library with over 10000 PLR digital products, ranging from audio, eBooks, Software, Template, and graphics, to WordPress plugins, and videos. 

    They have affordable membership options, and a massive collection of PLR digital products to provide you with valuable information on many topics and niches, with unlimited access and downloads. 

    Big product store offers monthly and lifetime memberships that allow you to access all PLR digital products for life. 

    Tools for Motivation

    Tools for Motivation provides high-quality and expert-made Private Label Rights content with over 7,000 resources. 

    Tools For Motivation also provides a steady stream of free and premium training to help their customers succeed at implementing the PLR products in their online strategy.

    • They have lots of self-help video and audio content. 
    • Varieties of marketing materials to help promote your content. 
    • They release new PLR digital products twice a week. 

    PLR Database

    PLR Database is one of the best PLR websites that provides high-quality PLR digital Products. They have a huge library of over 26,961 products and affordable membership plans. 

    • PLR Database has one of the largest marketplaces with digital products licensed as Private Label Rights, Reseller Rights (RR), Master of Reseller Rights, and giveaway rights. 
    • Free learning academy to teach you all the tricks, tips, and lessons you need to sell your digital products online. 
    • Public profile and community activity feed where members get together and collaborate. 
    • Personal inbox where members receive private messages from other users. 
    • PLR and Internet Marketing forum where you can learn more from others or build authority. 
    • Provides an inventory section for saving all your favorite products. 


    IDPLR is a membership platform that gives you lifetime access to their extensive library of Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights. 

    They feature over 12,590 digital products ranging from audio, graphics, videos, and eBooks, to templates with Resell and Private Label Rights which give you the license to sell, edit, and claim the products as your own.

    • IDPLR releases new products every month
    • They give you access to a live preview of your product folder without having to download it. 
    • As a member of IDPLR, you are allowed to submit your ideas for Private Label Rights digital products. 
    • They offer step-by-step tutorials on how to make money with PLR digital products. 
    • They have an eBook creator software that allows you to create unlimited covers for all your new digital products or packages. 
    • You don’t have to worry about buying hosting elsewhere or installing the latest application. 

    Advantages of PLR Digital Products


      PLR digital products save you the stress, time, and effort of starting from scratch, and allow you to publish high-quality content easily and efficiently. 

      Saves cost

        PLR digital products are affordable and less expensive. They save you the costs of hiring freelancers or professionals, to help you write content from scratch.


          PLR digital products are flexible to customize with your unique brand identity. You can easily edit content, and add your logo, website link, brand voice, and call-to-action to ensure consistency across your marketing efforts.

          Source of Inspiration

            PLR digital content serves as inspiration. Most people do not use it,  but they use it as ideas or inspiration to write their articles. 

            Final Words

            Buying and editing PLR digital products is the safest and easiest way to make money online. PLR websites extend beyond the platforms listed above. Creative Fabrica, PLR, PLR Assassin, Buy Quality PLR, and more. 

            Go through them to get more inspiration and pick a PLR product that resonates with your brand and target audience. 

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