18 Best Blogging Tools: Blogging Tools For Beginners

From choosing your blog niche to creating engaging content, blogging is an art.

To be able to convey your ideas to a vast audience and to influence their mindsets and choices requires that you strategically put together blog posts that help you to efficiently target your required audience. 

Besides having clarity in vision to accomplish this task, bloggers need to make smart use of tools devised specially to grow blog traffic and improve content reach. These tools are designed to make the life of every blogger easier.

Presented in this post are 18 essential blogging tools that bloggers must use to improve their online and social media presence:

  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Social Media Marketing Tools
  • Graphic Designing Tools
  • Language and Writing Tools
  • Time Management and Productivity Tools
  • Content Research Tools

18 Best Blogging Tools List

Email Marketing Tools

A comprehensive and contemporary awareness of email marketing tools will enable you to engage with your audience and build a lasting relationship with them. This becomes all the more important because not only does it enhance your blog outreach but also serves as a durable interface. 

Email marketing can prove to be highly advantageous because:

  • Builds a sustainable stream of quality traffic to your blog

Unlike random people who stumble upon your website, your email subscribers are your brand’s coveted audience. They are the ones who already know you well and are aware of the services you bring to the table.

Therefore, they are highly likely to be receptive to your services, offers, and brand launches.

  • Enables you to bond with readers on a personal level

Since email marketing platforms allow you to address your subscribers with their first names, it naturally creates a bond between your brand and the audience in question.

Besides personalizing emails, you can also send in special offers, important updates, and reminders right to your reader’s smartphones!

  • Helps in targeting the appropriate audience with every message

Established email marketing platforms take into account your subscriber’s purchase history, activity, and location. This allows you to strain and tailor your email content in consonance with your subscriber’s needs and inclinations.

  • Promotes content when it’s duly needed

Email marketing platforms allow you to schedule your emails and post them when you want them to be delivered to the subscriber’s inbox. This makes for a very convenient, yet, organized, manner of communicating your brand’s voice. It also increases the chances of enhancing your message visibility.

  • Assists in maintaining brand awareness

Consider, for instance, your audience has been out of touch with your blog for a certain amount of period. Establishing email communication assists in maintaining your brand awareness with the audience, making them see your values and offerings, which are just a click away.

Top Email Marketing Tools for Your Blog

Here are some amazing and viable email marketing tools. They are going to enhance your blog’s traffic, giving your business a definite boost.

1. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign facilitates you with comprehensible automation, which is easy to understand and visualize. This is primarily because they offer a visual drag-and-drop editor. 

Moreover, ActiveCampaign supplies easy goal-tracking features. With ActiveCampaign, you can conveniently track the success of your hard work. 

ActiveCampaign also allows a plethora of integrations, which gives a lot of control to the user.

Additionally, ActiveCampaign boasts of a message variable feature. It allows you to create a library of plain text or HTML snippets which you can reuse throughout your blogs.

2. AWeber


Released in the year 1998, Aweber to date continues to be a popular email marketing tool. If you are looking for an all-in-one eCommerce email marketing solution, then Aweber is for you. You’ll enjoy its email marketing automation as well as email list segmentation features.

It also contains pre-configured visual email templates which makes email composition a quick and easier task to accomplish. AWeber also boasts of landing page and opt-in form builders. 

Built-in analytics and split testing tools make it a viable eCommerce marketing tool. Also since it allows integration with third-party apps, despite its age, it holds up super well against other eCommerce marketing platforms.

3. Zoho


Zoho provides a well-designed campaign and convenient eCommerce marketing tools meant to facilitate your venture. You’ll also enjoy Zoho’s comprehensive reports feature. 

Its fair set of templates can serve to guide novices to create emails quickly, with additional ease. Zoho’s recent UI overhauls and new functionality make it a driving SaaS business solution that surely pleases new users.

4. GetResponse


GetResponse’s popularity springs from the wide range of email marketing features it offers to its users.

Besides the standard features of email marketing automation, email list segmentation, pre-configured visual email templates, and built-in analytics, it also allows for customer retargeting. 

Unlike AWeber, it also presents webinar marketing features and houses pre-built marketing funnels with Autotune.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Maintaining a blog and contending to enhance its traffic without an amicable social media marketing strategy is futile.

Social media marketing tools let you grow your blog’s visibility and brand awareness without having to pay for it!

They allow you to schedule your posts at the perfect time, as well as measure the popularity and efficacy of your work.

The fact that these tools give actionable insights concerning your blog dynamics makes it fairly easy for you to improve your social presence and traffic leads.

Top Social Media Marketing Tools for Your Blog

1. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is a popular and friendly Social Media Manager that enables you to improve your online presence. It helps you save a lot of time by managing all your social accounts from one place. 

It works with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, Etsy, Shopify and many more social platforms. Crowdfire analyzes your social accounts and downloads analytics reports. It also sorts your social CRM. 

With this blogging tool, you can conveniently search and recommend articles, posts, and images that your audience will like. It saves up a lot of your time since it takes away the headache of composing separate posts for each of your social media profiles.

Furthermore, this essential blogging tool also allows the usage of Chrome Extension to enable you to share your favorite posts and pages from the internet to your social accounts just with a couple of clicks!

2. Zoho Social

zoho social management-blogger-tools

Zoho Social provides a modern and highly organized interface for social media management and marketing. With its post scheduler, integrated message center, and advanced analytics, Zoho Social is just the right call for your social media management and eCommerce marketing needs. 

It provides a threefold approach to social media with its publishing, monitoring, and analytic tracking features.

3. Sumo


Sumo houses a plethora of social media tools that can boost your blog’s traffic by improving its marketing strategy. The most prominent among its features is the social shares feature. 

It not only allows your blog visitors to share your content on social media but also keeps track of the number of total shares. This is important since it lets you see your blog’s audience’s popularity.

Sumo also allows you to curate your content in such a way that aligns well with the audience’s interests and preferences.

Graphic Designing Tools

It is an undebatable fact that content is king. However, if the content is not substantiated or promoted through relevant images, graphics, and media, the efforts of a blogger can go down the drain. 

Every emerging blogger must realize the potential of garnering traffic through interesting and relevant graphics.

If you are low on a budget and cannot hire a graphic designer, worry not since we present to you some of the best graphic designing tools.

These tools will for sure overhaul your blog’s aesthetic image, concurrently adding to the traffic it receives.

Top Graphics Design Tools for Your Blog

1. Snappa

snappa-graphics design blogger tools

Snappa allows you to develop graphics for social media and the web. Be it for your Instagram blog, Facebook page, or your website, the need for eye-catching images and graphics consistently arises.

With Snappa, you have the benefit of developing engaging as well as fast-loading graphics for your blog.

Its user-friendly interface and the availability of a variety of images and templates make it one of the most sought-after graphic designing tools for bloggers. 

That’s not all. Snappa also allows direct sharing on social platforms.

2. Pixlr

pixlr graphics designing tool

Pixlr is another popular image editing app, housing multiple image editing tools. It not only has a web app but also a mobile app (for both iOS and Android) and a desktop tool.

It allows you to edit your images after uploading them, to the app. You can freely choose from multiple effects, layers, and filters to enhance the aesthetic quality of your images.

3. Canva

canva-graphics design tool

Another convenient, yet, highly useful graphic designing tool for bloggers is Canva. It allows for complete customization options. 

Allowing you to choose from a range of templates. Even beyond social media, Canva allows you to craft all sorts of images from blog graphics to cards, posters as well as presentations.

It is for this reason that major sites like Buzzfeed use Canva to create images for their posts. It also allows you to create images with custom dimensions, by manually entering the height and width of the required image. 

Like this, you can tailor and design the images according to your aesthetic requirements.

Language and Writing Tools

Erroneous sentence structure, flawed grammar, and weak usage of language an anathema to the popularity and traffic of your blog.

No one likes to frequent a space that houses a plethora of errors in the language of its published posts.

The credibility of your blog and its contents depends primarily on the means and language you are using to convey it to the audience. Poor language skills are detrimental to your blog’s online presence.

It is therefore highly pertinent that you thoroughly edit and review your blog posts before publishing. Luckily, there are some useful online language and writing tools that you can easily use to refine your blog posts.

Top Language and Writing Tools for Your Blog

1. Grammarly

grammarly-language tool-for blogging tools-list

Grammarly is a proficient writing tool that enables you to identify and rectify several types of language errors. It not only detects grammar and punctuation mistakes but also provides suggestions on how to improve these mistakes. 

One of the features you’ll come to love with Grammarly is its robust spell-check feature that will make your writing faultless.

Additionally, Grammarly also allows you to detect the plagiarism count of your posts by comparing it to similar content shared across the web. 

Its readability score and sentence length analyzer are extremely helpful in rectifying your writing style, catering it to the genre you are writing in.

2. Hemingway App

hemingway editor writing tools for blogging list

The Hemingway editor allows you to improve the coherence, conciseness, and clarity of your writing. It color codes the text by highlighting different types of errors in varying colors.

When you run the cursor over the highlighted texts, the app gives you suggestions on how to fix your writing error. It picks up lengthy sentences, weak phrases, excessive adjectives and adverbs, complex words as well as passive voice.

Additionally, it has a fairly easy-to-use interface and handles lengthy documents with significant ease. This tool comes in both online and desktop versions.

4. Headline Analyzer

headline-analyzer content planning tools

Headlines are significant in improving the overall SEO score of your blog.

You must frame headlines that are not only succinct but ones that also convey the crux of the blog post by making it relevant to the content of the write-up. 

The Headline Analyzer is an important tool for bloggers. This essential blogging tool grades your headline by dropping suggestions of how you could potentially make your headlines better. 

You get an analysis of the word types, headline length, and a sample of how it will look on Google search amongst other things.

Time Management and Productivity Tools

Effective time management and enhanced productivity should be the assets of a good blogger. This helps to make sure that you finish your tasks and publish your articles well before time.

It is extremely necessary to build your acceptance as a credible blogger.

The following are some tools that can potentially enable you to keep track of time while accomplishing your tasks.

1. Slack

slack-productivity tool for best blogging tools list

Slack is an online messaging forum that can be used on Android, iOS, and Windows. It allows the creation of teams as soon as you sign up. 

You’ll also enjoy Slack’s easy file uploading and archiving features. Slack’s search feature not only allows you to search messages but also files such as Word documents or PDFs you uploaded.

It has an automatic rich snippet feature that the app creates as soon as you post a link. Slack also has a markdown feature that is easy to use. 

You can keep in touch with your teammates, allowing for a seamless discussion and sharing of ideas, tasks, and goals.

2. Trello

trello remote working blogging list tool

Trello is one of the best apps for managing your time effectively. It works by enabling you to keep track of your ongoing and upcoming tasks.

With Trello, you can turn each idea into a card that can be used to fill in notes and move from one list to the other with its simple drag-and-drop feature. You can also add reminders to complete your task well in time before it is due.

Content Research Tools

To be able to deliver content that your audience is looking for is what primarily accounts for the success of a good blogger. It is really important to delve into areas of content framing that tap into the interests of your audience and do well in terms of audience reception. 

For this purpose, content research tools are important to understand the variant angles of a particular idea or topic at hand that does well online.

Top Content Research Tools for Your Blog

1. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo keyword research blogging list tool

BuzzSumo is an easy-to-use content marketing research tool that enables you to see how popular a topic, keyword, idea, or URL is on social media. You simply have to enter the topic or URL into the BuzzSumo search box and you will get tons of information on how it ranks on social media.

It can be fruitful in terms of fleshing out content topics that do well in your unique blog niche.

2. Google Trends

google trends content research tool for bloggers

Google Trends allows you to see what keywords and topics are ranking high on search engines and are hence popular all over the world. If you are looking for new blog post ideas, Google Trends should be a must-try for you.

3. SEMrush

semrush keyword research and seo tools for bloggers

SEMrush is another content research tool that every blogger needs to have. You can research keywords within your high-traffic blogging niche, discover the keywords your competitors are ranking for, and find keywords that they’re overlooking.

Additionally, SEMrush allows you to check keyword volume, keyword difficulty, and the user intent of each keyword. SEMrush’s dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use.

Besides keyword research, SEMrush offers easy integrations with Google Docs. With this integration, you can check your on-page SEO strategies – headlines, keyword density, and LSDs.

Additionally, SEMrush offers off-page SEO functionalities – social media management and backlinking. You can track your keyword ranks and position on SERPs from your dashboard.

In all, SEMrush is the ultimate SEO tool for your blogging business.

There You Have It!

These essential tools for bloggers will enhance your social presence and blog traffic. Additionally, these blogging tools will prove to be game changers in building your online credibility and help you make money from your blogging business.

Some of these blogging tools are free and some are paid. However, let’s face it, if you plan to implement website monetization strategies on your blog or make money from your website, then you shouldn’t mind spending some money. 

While some of the tools on these lists require extra training, others are very easy to use. In all, this blogging tools list will make life easy for you as a blogger.


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