App Development Business Ideas: 23 Amazing Ideas

Are you thinking of developing a mobile app but finding it difficult to come up with a perfect mobile app business idea? Or are you finding it hard to decide which app development business idea to venture into due to the numerous ideas available on the market?

We’ve got some awesome ideas for you. In this article, we’ll provide you with the best app development business ideas that you can implement in 2024 and earn some cool cash.

23 Best App Development Business Ideas For 2024

Just as we promised, here are the best app development business ideas you can try out. Now, you don’t have to struggle to find a mobile app to invest in.

1. Fitness App

Did you know that the usage of fitness apps has increased over the years? According to statistics, the global fitness app market size is expected to reach$5.41 billion in 2030. This is a big win for the fitness industry.

If you’re thinking of an app development business idea, you can develop a fitness app. This app will help users track their fitness goals, meals, weight, or blood pressure. Additionally, you can add some features in your app that will suggest meal plans to help your user take in the right diet daily.

However, if you’ll be adding more features, your app development cost will be higher. Read this article on how much it costs to develop a mobile app to have an idea of your estimated budget.

2. Goal Tracking App

Can you remember any goals you set out in the past and couldn’t achieve? If yes, let’s assume you couldn’t achieve these goals due to a lack of time management, commitment, or procrastination. Just like you, they are people facing the same issues.

You can develop a goal tracking app to help people write down their long-term and short-term goals. You can add features that help track these goals in real-time, and remind them daily of what needs to be achieved and their progress.

Additionally, you can give users the liberty to track any goals they want. Be it financial, fitness, education, or religious goals.

3. Motivational App

Imagine waking up, feeling like your efforts aren’t producing the right results. Disappointing right? Oh well, amidst your feelings, you’ll surely need to get up to start your day. Imagine getting up and you’re distracted by your phone’s notifications.

You pick it up, and the first thing you see is, “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson

Almost immediately, you feel a sense of inspiration. That’s the power of motivational quotes. Everyone needs to be motivated from time to time and you can help them. You can develop a motivational app that sends out quotes daily to your audience.

These quotes can be used to motivate, inspire, or provide life tips. However, any decision you make should be centered on your target audience.

4. Food Recipe App

Food recipe

The food recipe app market size is expected to reach about $974.3 million in 2027. This is a huge growth for the food recipe app industry and you have a chance to contribute to this growth. You don’t have to be a chef to share recipes.

However, if you’re an app developer or a business owner looking to create a recipe app, you can collaborate with a chef. Your app can contain instructions and videos of various food recipes in the world.

You can choose to include food and baking recipes for people who are on a diet: vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and flexitarians. Additionally, you can include a meal planner or a feature that allows users to get food suggestions based on the ingredients they have.

5. Dating App

Everyone wants to love and be loved, but it’s difficult to find the right one. You can offer to develop an app that helps people find their better half. Your app can have features that allow users to input their preferences rather than get paired up randomly.

Also, you can add features that allow users to exchange messages, pictures, videos, and even make calls. This will help users get to know each other before they decide to meet in person.

6. Mental Health Therapy App

Your mental health is everything – prioritize it. Make the time like your life depends on it because it does.” – Mel Robbins

We can’t overemphasize the importance of mental health. It is as important as your daily meal, yet some people still struggle to make time to talk to a therapist. This can just be out of laziness or a busy work schedule. Whatever the reason, you can create a therapy app that can help out.

This app development business idea will help people get access to trained therapists, where they get to set up meetings. You can add a chat, video, or call feature to give the user the liberty of deciding how the conversation should be conducted. Doing this will eliminate having a physical meeting.

Also, you can add self-care tips and exercises that users can try out to keep their minds in check at all times.

7. Voice Translation App

Aside from English, the most spoken languages worldwide in 2023 were Chinese(Mandarin), Hindi, Spanish, and French. For non-citizens who have visited countries that speak any of these languages, proper communication with the local people will be difficult.

So, to eliminate communication problems when visiting a country with diverse languages, you can create a voice translation app. This app should be able to record and translate a language to your selected language choice accordingly.

It can also provide responses based on the recording. This means the app will have to include a feature that can teach your users.

8. Finance Management App

Managing finances is a very important aspect of daily living from savings to budgeting and tracking of spending. No one would want to suffer from lifestyle inflation in the current economic situation.

You can develop an app that will help users track their financial goals, reduce spending habits, and advise them to save more. In your app, you can include daily, weekly or monthly reminders aimed towards making users save some amount of money as they spend.

You can also include features that will help them track their expenses and also help with budget planning.

9. Educational App

The use of educational apps by individuals increased during the pandemic, as students had to leave school to stay safe. Since then, e-learning has been the most preferred choice of education for individuals.

Statistics show that 107% of Gen Z in the United States are more likely to use educational apps. So, if you’re thinking of a profitable app development business idea, developing an educational app is one of them.

You can develop an educational app that colleges and universities could use to train their students. Also, you can develop a mobile app that provides courses where individuals can learn tech skills or upskill in their various fields.

Your app can have a video or audio feature, giving the user the liberty to decide how they want to learn.

10. Food Delivery App

Food delivery app

Aside from grocery shopping, millennials and Gen Z spend more of their monthly earnings on ordering takeout from food delivery apps. Who wouldn’t like the comfort of having their favorite meal at their doorstep rather than spending hours preparing a meal?

Developing a food delivery app is definitely a profitable app development business idea you should try out. You can develop a food delivery app that allows users to order various meals from the comfort of their homes.

To do this, you can partner with a restaurant or allow your users to choose the restaurant where they want their meals to be bought. To enhance your delivery services, you can add a location feature to your app to help locate users easily.

11. Food Planner App

With more individuals becoming more conscious of their health, developing an app that can help plan meals will be beneficial. You can develop your app in a way that it can plan a healthy diet, keto diet, paleo diet, or Whole30.

This will help users stay committed to their health goals. Additionally, you can set a timer that can alert users of various meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

12. E-book Reader App

With this app, users can access various e-books from their mobile devices. This app will benefit book lovers who don’t want to carry hard copies of their favorite books around.

When developing this app, you can add features like text-to-speech, highlighting, bookmarking, customization, and note-taking.

13. Pet Sitting App

Developing an app where pet lovers can make money from just taking care of domestic animals is a profitable business. You can add features that will help pet owners input their location, breed of pet, time the service will be needed, and the amount they’ll be willing to pay.

You can also add features that can connect users to available pet sitters in their location, as well as messaging to foster communication.

14. Loan App

Developing a loan app will benefit anyone who doesn’t have enough funds to cater to their financial needs. Also, it can help anyone who has a loan to repay to track their progress.

However, suppose you’re planning to build a loan app where users can easily borrow money. In that case, you’ll have to market your app to any financial institution that is interested in offering loans to their customers.

Also, you can build a loan app that can help users track their loan repayment process and advise them on the best repayment strategy to adopt.

15. Period Tracking App

According to a PureGym survey, 37% of ladies don’t know how to track their periods. Therefore, you can develop an app that can help ladies track their menstrual periods.

In this app, you can add a calendar where ladies can tick their on and off days. You can also add a feature that can notify them of their next period day and some experiences they’ll encounter during their ovulation period.

Lastly, you can add a learning center where they can learn more about the menstrual cycle and ovulation.

16. Parking Space Finder App

Developing this app will benefit individuals living in populated cities. With this app, users will be able to find a good parking space within or a stone’s throw away from their location if they have nowhere to park.

Especially if the parking space at the mall or coffee shop they are visiting is full. This app can store data on various parking spaces, their location, and availability. Additionally, you can add a feature that allows users to find a parking space in real-time and also book before arrival.

17. E-commerce App

An e-commerce app is an online marketplace where individuals get to purchase goods from the comfort of their homes without visiting a physical store. According to Data report, 57.6% of individuals who use the internet purchase items online weekly.

This shows that individuals are more comfortable shopping online rather than visiting a physical store. Therefore, starting an e-commerce business and building an app where you can market your goods will be a great way to generate more income.

18. Criminal Alert App

No one wants to feel unsafe in certain regions, especially if it’s their first time there. So, to help them feel protected, you can develop an app that allows them to monitor suspicious actions in an environment.

You can set up features that will alert users of criminal activities, potential threats, or emergencies within their location. You can also set a feature that allows them to report a crime or locate a police station nearby.

19. Digital Banking App

Gone are those days when we had to stand in a queue to have our banking issues resolved. Now, we can transfer, save, and withdraw funds and solve banking issues from the comfort of our homes. This app development business idea can be used by traditional banks. This will help provide quality services to customers.

20. Vehicle Tracking App

This app is necessary for people who own transportation businesses or individuals who rent out their vehicles. With this app, users can track the location of their vehicles in real-time and receive live updates on the driver’s movement. This will keep the users informed in case there’s a mishap.

21. Social Networking App

49.5% of individuals use social media to stay in touch with their friends and family, no matter their location. Also, most business owners and marketers make use of social media to advertise their goods and services.

With this constant use of social media by individuals, it simply means that investing in social media is a wise decision. You can decide to develop a social media app that allows individuals to exchange messages, videos, and audio and share content easily.

For your app, you can add a feature that will alert users of accounts pretending to be who they are not.

22. Church/Religious App

To help individuals who want to stay committed to their beliefs, you can develop an app where they can get access to devotionals, sermons, religious books, and bible passages.

You can add features that will notify them daily to pray or read a passage or a religious book. You can also include a feature that alerts them to various activities related to their religion.

23. Digital Wellbeing App

On average, a smartphone user checks their phone 144 times in a day. Others even term themselves phone addicts. Unfortunately, no one has found a good way to reduce phone usage.

So, you can develop an app that helps individuals monitor their daily social media and phone usage. You can add features that show how long a person spends on an app or using their phone, which will help prevent them from overusing their phones.

You can also add features that can help users set time restrictions on apps and automatically log them out immediately after it’s passed the time set.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

You can use our ideas as a pointer for new app ideas, or you can simply make use of any of our app development business ideas to start your business.

Now, that you have an idea, it’s time to think about how you can make some cool cash from your mobile app. You can read our article on Mobile App Monetization Models for helpful tips.

App Development Business Idea: FAQs

1.  How Do I Start An App Development Business?

If you want to start an app development business, follow the steps below:

  • Choose your mobile app development business idea
  • Validate your app development business idea
  • Write your mobile app development business plan
  • Register your business
  • Secure funding for your app development business
  • Build your team
  • Develop your product
  • Test your product
  • Implement your mobile marketing plan

2. How Profitable Is App Development?

Starting a mobile app development business is a profitable venture. According to Quora, the average annual income is between $100,000 and $500,000.

3. How Much Will It Cost To Develop An App For My App Development Business?

The amount you can spend on developing an app for your app development business is $30,000-$250,000. The average development cost is $171,450.


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